Arturo Toledo runs a boutique design studio, Toledo Design, providing Experience Architecture, User Interface and Design Education to clients in North America, Europe and Asia. His work explores designing experiences across screens, from phones to tablets, desktops and TV applying Modern Design principles from design masters like Massimo Vignelli, Mies Van der Rohe, Joseph Muller Brockman and Dieter Rams.

With a particular commitment towards design education, Arturo is permanently engaged with the international design and development communities and often travels the world to exchange ideas about design with other designers and developers through his Beyond Tiles design workshop. He has reviewed hundreds of websites, Windows and Windows Phone apps and has talked to thousands of developers worldwide via his Facelift design consultations.

While at Microsoft, his design .toolbox, a service with nearly 50,000 users has helped developers and designers learn more about experience design. Recently, Arturo and his brother Alejandro published their 24 Weeks of Windows Phone Design which quickly became a de facto read for anyone interested in learning more about Microsoft design style and Windows Phone UI design.

Arturo studied Architecture at La Salle University in Mexico City, did additional media and visualization studies at the University of Arizona and has received dedicated mentorship from Massimo Vignelli at the Vignelli Center for Visual Studies.