Looking for Visual Designers in Mexico and Latinamerica



January 26th, 2015


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Work from home, or Starbucks… or your favorite coffee shop(s) in Mexico and Latinamerica!

This role is available as an independent contractor working remotely and with permanent collaboration via Skype. We beat most design work income opportunities in the region. We work with you in Spanish but almost everything we produce is in English. It helps if you know basic English.

If you are an interaction and visual designer check out our job descriptions and drop us a note to with a link or PDF for your portfolio. Contact me at @arturot or via LinkedIn.

Join our worldwide team in the production of visual assets for user interfaces for phone, tablet, desktop and TV applications. You will be able to participate in impactful and highly visible projects for markets in the United States, Canada, Western Europe and Scandinavia, develop your portfolio and rank up your resume!

No formal professional experience is needed but a solid academic portfolio is required. We will provide permanent and dedicated mentoring and design education as well as opportunities to get exposure to Senior designers from companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter as well as a breadth of creative directors and professional designers in design agencies and leading tech companies. We will help you ramp up your experience and design skills to a professional level.

The candidate should have outstanding Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator expertise. We are looking for speed, speed, speed and strong sense of quality! – “One Pixel Matters!”

Contact me! – Thank you.


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