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September 17th, 2013


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A few weeks ago our friend @darabella from the amazing Nokia Developer Experience team reached out to propose taking one of our design services in incubation to the big leagues with the very popular DVLUP program. If you are not familiar with DVLUP and you do Windows Phone development, be sure to sign up. It’s basically a perks or points system that allows you to collect virtual currency for being a Windows Phone developer. You can then trade those points for amazing stuff like a brand new Lumia 1020, Microsoft Surface and many more gifts. One of the things you can get are Nokia Design Consultations with us, with Toledo Design.

The basic idea is to help you take your app user interface to the next level and make it awesome!

Nokia Design Consultations are dedicated 60 minute in-depth and actionable design and UX reviews directly with you and your team. The session gets recorded so you get to keep the feedback to incorporate into your app.

After the 60 minute review, and if you chose to do so, one of our senior designers will take a few hours or a full day to redesign selected screens for your app. We will provide you with high fidelity comps and the source Microsoft Expression Design files. This is the closest to hiring a dedicated design agency to handcraft the UI for your app!

If you do not have designers in your team or if you wish to provide industry expert feedback to your design team, Nokia Design Consultations are for you!

More info here…

We have 3 different types of design consultations available for you via DVLUP. While the One-Hour consultation is a terrific way to substantially enhance your UI, an Advanced or Pro consultation will give you actual high fidelity comps. We will sit down and re-design selected screens of your app Smile

Ping me or Alejandro anytime if you have any questions and looking forward to helping you with a Nokia Design Clinic for Windows Phone!

One-Hour Consultation

Design review with a senior designer from Toledo Design
Tips & tricks
Annotations and comments
Design pattern guidance
Video recording of the design review

Advanced Consultation

One-Hour Nokia Design Clinic as described above plus…
High Fidelity Comps (4 hours of work!)
We will create some high fidelity comps to help you enhance the look and feel of your application in 3 hours of work.

Pro Consultation

Like the Advanced Consultation but with 12 hours of dedicate redesign work for your app!
We will create some high fidelity comps to help you enhance the look and feel of your application in 12 hours of work.

Here are some examples of apps that have been redesigned using the same methodology used by us. First couple examples are Windows Phone. The others are Windows. Nokia Design Consultations are only for Windows Phone but this will give you an idea of the significant improvement apps go through after one of our consultations.

Side to Side Facelift Samples

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