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May 10th, 2013



I think the time is right and the mood is proper for me to announce the upcoming Beyond Tiles, Western Europe Design Tour. It is a one-day design extravaganza where Microsoft, NOKIA, Toledo Design (Arturo and Alejandro) and some special guests (i.e Brady Voss from the Windows Phone design studio in Redmond, Vincent Garcia, from Avanade in Stockholm and NOKIA guests) will be sharing with you insightful and practical design knowledge to create Windows Phone and Windows apps that can go “beyond tiles”.


As recently discussed, it can only be the Community who pushes Windows and Windows Phone design to the next level. Luckily for us we have a couple good shepherds to guide us in this journey: Microsoft and Nokia. There’s so much more design potential for applications created under the original modernist principles of the 20th century, from masters like Gropius, Vignelli, Rams, Van der Rohe and Kubrick. Some call it Metro, others “flat, others “modern”, we just like to call it “Good Design”.

Windows Phone is more than just Panoramas and Pivots and Windows is more than just tiles. If you want to get a first (very first) hint at how to go beyond these out-of-box design paradigms with your own design innovation, then join us at this event.

The day will be packed with design conversation, quotes, images, videos and live demos. No coding here! – no Visual Studio or even Expression Blend. Just hardcore UX and design with Expression Design, Illustrator and Photoshop (and Powerpoint).

Our initial tour will last about a month and we’ll have the pleasure to visit the following cities: Stockholm – May 20, Oslo – May 22, Helsinki – May 23, Vienna – May 25, Rapperswil (Switzerland) – May 28, Madrid – May 30, Lisbon – June 3, and Lecce (Italy) – June 5. We hope we can bring this event to your city in the future as well 🙂 If you are interested, drop us a tweet with the #beyondtiles hashtag.

Sign up now to attend the city closest to you in the links above. Tweet #beyondtiles when referring to the event.

There’s more than 30 people involved from Microsoft, Nokia, Toledo Design, Avanade and App Campus as part of this tour. We are happy to do bring the design discussion to your city.

The agenda will consist of seminar like sessions with coffee breaks about every hour. At the end of the day we will host 1:1 design reviews. We call them Mini Facelifts. These will be 10-15 minute sessions with those of you have Windows or Windows Phone apps and would like our opinion and design feedback. We’ll have sketchpaper so you can take some of these tips with you.


Here is a collection of resources we think will be useful to you as an attendee of Beyond Tiles.

  • Windows PC (even if it’s a Mac loaded with Windows) 🙂
  • Expression Design (and/or Illustrator/Photoshop)
  • Pencils, Pens
  • Sketchbook
  • A Friend

The event style is seminar based (not a workshop) but we will keep it fun with different speakers, lunch and nice coffee breaks.

Thank you and remember this is all just part of the conversation. Be a part of it. We are here to listen to your ideas. Here are some valuable links that have inspired through the creation of the content for this tour.

Windows Design Guidelines
Windows Phone Design Guidelines
24 Weeks of Windows Phone Design
Useful Shortcut Infographics for Windows
THE icon collection for Metro apps
Microsoft Expression Design
Designing with the Mind in Mind – Amazon
Sketching User Experiences – Amazon
The Design of Everyday Things – Amazon
Master Design Massimo Vignelli’s Manifesto
Awesomeness (Swiss Posters)
Swiss Posters
Everything Swiss Design via Bing
Nice Swiss Poster Collection

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“Beyond Tiles: Western Europe Design Tour”

  1. 1 Peter L
    12:15 am on May 14th, 2013

    Helsinki registration seems to be broken?

  2. 2 Arturo Toledo
    6:03 pm on May 14th, 2013

    Hi Peter! It worked for me – took a little bit to load. Let me know if you were able to log in…

  3. 3 Peter L
    1:34 am on May 15th, 2013

    After I press the register button this happens:

    “Page cannot be displayed. Please check the URL you have entered and try again. Click Here to go to the My Events page, or click Here to go to the Events Search page.”

  4. 4 TT
    1:04 am on May 16th, 2013

    Is the Helsinki event full or why am I not able to register? When I try to register the system first wants to know if I’m a “returning user” (and there’s just one radio button for it which is already selected, so I have no other option) and when I click “Continue” it redirects via two addresses to the Event Home page which kindly informs me that “page cannot be displayed”. And when I go to My Events view it tells me that I have no events that I have registered or bookmarked, so I guess I haven’t been able to register. I’ve tried this many times with Firefox and IE with the same results. I hope you’ll fix this soon (and the event isn’t full already) because I’d be happy to attend.

  5. 5 Arturo Toledo
    7:15 pm on May 16th, 2013

    Strange, dropping a note to @DiggTheDrazen via Twitter. Here’s the address for Helsinki

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