The Vignelli Canon + Massimo’s Master Designer Workshop



June 26th, 2012


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During the week of July 22th-29th, I will be attending Massimo Vignelli’s Master Designer Workshop in Rochester, NY along with my friend August de los Reyes. I can’t stop to think of August’s words (and warning…): “Be careful. A week with Massimo might change your life as a designer.

Having Massimo as a mentor will be amazing. I will do my best during the camp to learn as much as I can from him and other designers. I’m curious to learn more how to implement print media and typographic design practice to user interface design.

Massimo is one of the most influential designers of the last few decades in the US and the world. He is well known for his work on Typography and Information Design – (the International Typographic Style influenced and inspired Microsoft for defining the Metro design principles and design language). Massimo and his wife Lella have done a lot of industrial design as well. Learning from Massimo will be learning from the source.

Vignelli Sample Work


The Vignelli Canon

As part of attending the workshop we’ve been asked to read the Vignelli Canon so I ordered it in Amazon for some $20 USD although I later realized Massimo was kind enough to make it available for free to any one.

I started reading it and I would highly recommend, you as a developer or designer, to read it too. Massimo has has divided the Canon in Intangilible and Tangible elements. There are 19 elements on each category. We will do a short posts (via Tweets) on each one with some ideas and reflections on how these apply to experience architecture and interface design.



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“The Vignelli Canon + Massimo’s Master Designer Workshop”

  1. 1 Rob
    12:23 pm on September 19th, 2012

    Hi Arturo, I’m enjoying your blog. I would be especially interested in seeing examples of the project(s) you created at the Vignelli Designer Workshop. I did see one photo of you with a portion of your project (a typographic poster, which looked really great) on the Vignelli Design Center Website. If you want to share more of your designs, I would love to see them. Also any thoughts you have on the Vignelli workshop, now that you’ve completed it, would be really interesting to hear about.

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